Saturday, April 24, 2010

Frank, a traveling companion in Morocco

This and the next two shots are of Frank and his wife Ellen. We met them on our Morocco/Sahara desert adventure with OAT travel company. We had the opportunity to attend a special local event, during which Frank and Ellen were chosen to take part in a wedding ceremony mock up. They and the other travel mates were fantastic people and fun to travel companions.

Frank and wife Ellen participating in marriage mockup.



Water Fountain at Mosque

Fishing boats at sunset

We were rewarded with so much insight in other cultures of the world while in Morocco. Traveling with OAT gave us an opportunity to meet many people and to participate in local tradition. We look forward to travel to other locations where we can experience and appreciate other cultures. 

Tree climbing goats in Morocco.

One of our tours was to go to an argan nut forest where goats climb the trees to get the best leaves and nuts to eat. We were told that sometimes tourist get there just to find all the goats on the ground. During our first visit, we say a couple of goats place a foot or two on a tree but none climbed. Later on our way from another tour we went back to find this and other goats climbing hight in the trees. 

Potter. The way it's been done for thousands of years.

This man does pottery in a time proven method handed down through centuries. He was a very friendly guy and had great pride in his work and loved to show how it is done. He is the last potter in Morocco who still used this method. He has tried to get his kids and grandkids to take up the trade but none of them would take it on. 

Tree Blossom

Making a shovel

Man in market


Lady in Morocco

Tangine pots

Planting seeds

Baby camel

Salt mill

Old tracks at salt mill


Cloth hanging in street market

Painted elcetrical panel in Essaouira, Morocco