Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monk in Thailand

Crocodile in Thailand

Musician in Phrae Village, Thailand

Hill Tribe Village, Thailand

Hill People, Thailand

Monk in Myanmar

Community well in a Myanmar village

Village street in Myanmar

Girl playing in Myanmar

Buddha image in Thailand

Sunset by condo, Maui

Breaking surf, Maui

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, Maui

Wind surfing in Maui

This guy actually flipped over and landed it.

Patio umbrellas, Old San Diego, California

Teri and I had been to this restaurant several times over the course of our marriage. The umbrellas, colors and the flavor of the scene fascinated me. I took a few pictures from differing angles but none of them told an accurate story. On this visit, I spotted a balcony of an adjacent building that offered what I hoped would be a good vantage. On entering the structure, I was blocked by a large barrier with chain and lock. Not to be deterred from a good photograph, I manipulated the not so secure structure and squeezed through. Once finding the desired location I took a few shots, this one being my final choice.

Now, I am even more pleased that I made the effort of trespass, along with breaking and entering. The restaurant has since been demolished.

Old Town, Sacramento, California

Beach at Manzanita, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Surf boards at wayside market in Maui

Potato field, Pingree, Idaho


Tree in field, Maui, Hawaii

Stairs in Acapulco

Beach rock, Maui, Hawaii

Merchant selling fruit at floating market, Thailand

Maple tree, Almont, Michigan

Bird on lilly pad, Florida

Dolphins at sunset

Battery Point Light House, Crescent City, California

Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii

Ruins at Palatine Hill, Rome

Detroit Lake, Oregon

Boy on beach

Sisters and Hungry Bear