Saturday, August 13, 2016

These three shots consist of five shots each at different exposures and blended with Photoshop HDR. Shooting west after dark at Crown Point, Oregon.

30 second exposure from Crown Point next to Vista House, Oregon.

Taken from the cruise ship, I took a departing shot of Seattle Washington as we began our journey to Alaska.

In Anchorage, Alaska I went to a logging show. It was great fun.

I took this shot from the ship's deck while on our way to Ketchikan, Alaska.

Endicott Arms - Photos on the way to Endicott Arms Glacier.

Icy Straits was a small stop. We spent a few hours their.

Anchorage Alaska taken from the ship as we were leaving.

Husband Day Care, Juneau Alaska. It was the only shot I took there worth posting.

Homer museum and a couple of artifacts inside.

It is often interesting watching workers tie the ship's lines during docking. Here, the boat is preparing to pick up workers. Homer, Alaska.

It was fun balancing the dim light on the ship's deck with the bright light of the harbor. Homer, Alaska.

I was impressed with the simple beauty of this quaint church in Homer, AK

While walking around Homer, Alaska, I came across this quaint bookstore. Lots of great books but not alphabetized.

It isn't an exotic bird, yet it is beautiful. Taken while docking in Homer Alaska.

Hubbard Glacier Alaska - On the way to Hubbard Glacier we passed a smaller glacier.

Lavender Farm - This is a very small hobby farm with just a small patch.