Sunday, September 22, 2013

While driving from New Jersey to New York, a break in the obstructions preventing a look at this skyline appeared. I quickly lifted my camera and shot.
While at the Bronx Zoo, we saw many exotic animals but when we saw this little bunny out on some grass, I got one of my favorite shots.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Patterson Falls, New Jersey

Bracing my camera against a metal rail on a footbridge, I managed to get a slow exposure with little shake. 

Bronx Zoo

I like the thoughtful intelligence that seems apparent.

Sitting in the shadows, he seems to be contemplating the universe.

I am amazed at how beautiful and powerful the gorilla is, even when it is walking away.

After those people stop staring, I'm going to run, jump, swing from the branches and do flips.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New York City

One of the more exciting things to see in New York was the, still under construction, Freedom Tower, an amazing building, standing tall above the skyline, reminding us that we can rise from the dust, hold our heads high, and be a great nation.
What, in America, is more famous than the Statue of Liberty? While riding on a Stanton Island ferry I got this shot of the statue and a second ferry at sunset.
Being in New York was as exciting as being in some famous old European country. There is so much to look at. Over several decades I had seen many scenes of New York in movies and television shows, but never felt that I would actually go visit. Walking around and seeing the famous sights was such a thrill. That goes also for seeing the New York Stock Exchange.
As we were walking toward Stanton Ferry and crossing a street, I glanced up to see the new Freedom Tower. I stepped back a few steps to take a couple of shots. Satisfied that I had gotten the shot I wanted, I looked around to see that I was blocking traffic. The driver didn't even honk.
I found many buildings in New York to be fascinating and beautiful.
The sign in the foreground caught my eye so I decided to use it in this cityscape. While the message of the sign may be insulting to all the beautiful blonds, I did find it funny. You may want to click on the picture to enlarge it enough to read the sign.
Arch in Grand Central Station, New York.
Shooting from the hip allowed me to get a low angle of these girls reviewing the photos they had just taken. Of course they are using a Canon.
On almost every turn there was something fascinating to see in New York City. This view of the Chrysler Building was one of my favorite.
Walking through Central Park in New York, one of my grandsons spotted this dragon fly resting on this sculpted appearing twig. I managed to get this shot before it bugged out of there.