Saturday, October 26, 2013

The elusive 'Potato Rock Gosling'

This is the elusive Potato Rock Gosling…. They are on a migration path from the Yukon, headed to Brazil. They only migrate every five years and with dwindling numbers due to climate change, are very hard to find. Many ardent photographers have tried for years, but when these critters even smell a camera they are off. However, I being such a stealthy boy, using my sleep abilities to fly, was able to. No sooner had I clicked the shutter than it flew away quickly, so I was not able to get a second shot.

Friday, October 25, 2013

There is so much beauty in our world, regardless of the season. This shot, again, was taken right in my back yard.
These beautiful flowers remain actively blooming late into autumn. This is the first year I have planted them.
The back yard offers a great variety of photo opportunities. This mushroom, nearing the end of it's life has a beauty not found on the younger healthier fungus.

Monday, October 21, 2013

When I first took a picture of this tree, I had not checked the aperture setting, resulting in this overexposed shot. I liked it a lot so did a little Photoshop, making it my own.
Eastern Oregon is beautiful even in its desolation.
At a rest area in Eastern Oregon, on our way to Colorado Springs to see our daughter, Christine and her family, I found this magnificent tree.
As Teri and I were traveling through Colorado on our way to Colorado Springs, , we stayed at Hampton Inn in the little town of Rifle. This was the view from our room.
Found these mushrooms growing in my neighbors yard so felt a need to trespass.  The light was just right to bring out the color and mood I was after in the shot.